Mehr Erfahrungsberichte zum Heimunterricht

Amy, a homeschool mother of three

Ich unterrichte drei meiner Kinder, die nun in der 4., 6. und 11. Klasse sind, zu Hause. Weil ich so viele unterschiedliche Klassenstufen habe, kann es schwer sein, jedem Kind jede Lektion zu erklären. Eines meiner Kinder hat Autismus, weswegen er mehr Probleme hat, sich auf meinen Vortrag zu konzentrieren. Jedoch liebt er es, sich Videos anzuschauen und online zu lernen. This site is perfect for classrooms at school sites and at home! Nicht nur das, ich empfehle sie auch Eltern, die Probleme haben, ihren Kindern mit den Hausaufgaben zu helfen. Vielen vielen Dank für, dass ihr diese Videos kostenlos anbietet. Ich bin so aufgeregt, eure Vision zu teilen, und freue mich auf die Zukunft der Bildung bei der Khan Academy

Michelle, a homeschool mother and tutor

I had never planned on it and I was not a teacher, but I found myself homeschooling my son due to some LD needs that could not be met at a traditional school - even though we tried many interventions. I later wound up homeschooling both of my children. One is now in her junior year in college and the other begins college next fall and has passed state testing with flying colors.
I discovered distinct learning differences between my own children. When I began tutoring others, I encountered even more learning styles. What worked well for one did not necessarily work well for others. It made me realize that many students leave class or school feeling inadequate, when in fact they just need the information delivered in a different way - which can't always be addressed in a large class setting. That is why those very same students can perform well when they have a tutor who can try different deliveries until one approach works… LD students in particular are able to revisit subjects here in the comfort of their own home, where stressors and distractions are minimal. They can pause, replay, and even prepare in advance. They have an opportunity to take in the information on terms that work for them - especially for those that do not learn well by just reading textbooks. I also find that you consider the questions that might pop up for someone who is learning more slowly because you are so careful to explain everything in minute detail.
So I just wanted to express appreciation. We love your lectures and hope you will continue to do what you do so well. Thank you!
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