Class spirit and incentives

Students are motivated when they feel like they're part of a community working toward a big goal.  Setting class goals that are measurable, ambitious, and realistic and then implementing rewards and incentives are a few ways to accomplish this.
Example approaches
Some teachers have used the following approaches with their students:
  • Keep a poster up that celebrates students who have mastered 10 mission-level skills, 20 mission-level skills, etc.
  • Throw a pizza party when everyone has reached 50% mission completion.
  • Encourage healthy competition between classes by seeing which class has made the most mission progress as a group. (See the video below for one example of inter-class competition, and download her “Khantest” poster here!)
  • At an end-of-year celebration, give out certificates to students who completed their missions.
  • Hold a "rocket run" : Divide the class into teams. Project the Real Time report. Give one team three minutes to earn as many energy points as possible while other teams watch. Repeat for all teams. The team with the most points wins. (Thanks to teachers in the Los Altos School District for this idea!)
    Idaho teacher Julianne Russell explains how she motivates her students using "Khantests"

Growth mindset

At Khan Academy, we strongly believe that anybody can learn anything. There’s scientific evidence that the neural connections grow and become stronger the more you struggle with learning and correct your mistakes.  Based on research by Stanford Professor Carol Dweck and her colleagues, we know that students with a growth mindset - the belief that intelligence is not just something that you are born with - have higher levels of success than those with a fixed mindset.  Teaching your students about this concept has the potential to make them grittier, more positive, and more successful in their career and everyday lives.
Below are a few resources to get you started:
  • Growth Mindset Lesson Plan
    This plan was created as a collaboration between Khan Academy & PERTS, Stanford's research center on academic mindsets.  It includes activities, videos, and links to helpful resources.  Feel free to adapt and edit the activities provided to meet the needs of your students!
  • MindsetKit by PERTS
    This website houses a variety of resources for teachers to use with their students, including videos, articles, activities, and more.

Downloadable resources

Please feel free to adapt these resources for your own teaching needs!
Also, check out Julianne Russell's posters and stickers she uses in her classroom.
Certificate ideas:
  • Reward your students for using Khan Academy! Use the form fields in the certificate pack is available to customize the award title, student name, and description below.   A few examples of potential award titles and descriptions are below:
  • Mission Captain:  This certificate is for the student who has completed the most of their Khan Academy mission this semester.  Your determination, hard work, and math skills are out of this world. Keep your game up!
  • Master Challenger:  This certificate is awarded to the student who has mastered the most skills on Khan Academy.  Your determination and hard work are out of this world. Keep your game up!
  • The Grand Tutor:  This certificate is awarded to the student who has been an outstanding peer tutor.  Thank you for your hard work and generosity.  Your peers and I appreciate all of your help!