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To see a sample progress report go to the khanacademy coach report demo. We use the students' progress report to assess the classes overall progress on its mission. At the top of the report you can choose the class you want to look at. When you pick a class the report will default the mission associated with that class. However you can change the setting to look at the classes progress on a different mission if needed. In this example there are no students in the last column. This means that no one has mastered all the skills in the mission yet. When I hover over a column the list on the bottom left of the report shows all the students of that level of mission completion To see more detailed information about one of these groups click on the appropriate column and scroll down. Alternatively, you can use the drop down menu at the top of the students' list to choose which group you'd like to focus on. You can also pick a specific time frame to look at, using the activity filter. For more information about the specific student, simply click their name.