The Success with Math 2013 Summer Refresher was a free one-week boot camp designed to reinforce students' math skills and improve their math Compass class placement. Students who completed a session were eligible to retake the math Compass placement test at the end of the session at no cost.
Session I was created for graduating Waiakea High School seniors applying to Hawai'i Community College. Session II was created for current and new Nursing, Pre‐Nursing, Agriculture, Forest TEAM, and Mahi'ai majors. Session III was available to all majors. Thirty‐eight students completed the camp and retook their math Compass.
The students used Khan Academy's video tutorials, interactive exercises and progress reports. Student math tutors, supported by Perkins funding, were also available to assist students, give mini-math lessons, and monitor students' progress.


The math refresher resulted in students saving $12,508 in tuition and reduced the need to take 118 developmental and remedial math credits.
Of the 38 students who completed the weeklong math boot camp, 35 had a previous math Compass score to compare their retake score against.
  • 18 students increased their math class placement, 14 stayed the same, and 2 scores decreased.
  • Out of the 7 students who originally placed into Math 1ABCD, 5 scored into a higher math class.
  • 7 students scored into a Math 100 or higher class, with 5 of the 7 scoring into Math 135