Written testimonials

Saving time and money
I heard about Khan Academy from the testing center at the community college I enrolled in. I needed to take their math placement test in order to know which class I could take. Since my last college algebra class was in 1980, I knew I couldn't place out of the pre-req, but I was hoping to at least place in it, not below. For several weeks I watched videos and practiced with my 19 and 23 year old children. The test questions were completely covered by your site and in fact, I did place out of the pre-req- and the one class above! Not only did you save me the time of two math classes, but the cost of 6 credit hours as well! Thank you so much for this website!
Struggling at first with an in-person tutor
I'm a junior in college studying abroad at Oxford, which has been a wonderful opportunity, but the one-on-one tutorial system can be a little intimidating! I decided to take linear algebra this term, and for the first two tutorials I felt completely lost. I was afraid to ask my tutor questions because he would just look at me like I'm stupid. I must have scored a 30% on the problems sheets, at best. I started panicking that I wasn't going to be able to pass the course, get a masters in econ, get the career I want, etc, etc. So last week, I watched your videos on linear independence and basis, and astoundingly, it all came through! I didn't get a single problem wrong on the homework! I'm actually excited to go to my next tutorial and spew out that knowledge.
Doubled my Accuplacer score
_I'm 49 years old. I quit school in the ninth grade. I've done many jobs that have taken their toll on my body. At the end of the work day, I feel like l'm 85 yrs as a self-taught carpenter and handyman. 
Recently, I decided to go back to school before I have to sign up for disability benefits from Social Security. Mastering elementary algebra is a prequalifcation for most technical vocations at the community college level. I've been polishing my algebra skills (and arithmetic) for 4 months and I doubled my initial score on the ACCUPLACER Exam using Khan Academy. I'm recently enrolled in a brand new technology program at a community college in Maine. I start the new program in the fall '13. I have some more work to do on the Khan Academy web site to attain mastery but, I would not be this successful in my academic pursuit if it weren't for Khan Academy. Thanks so much for your existance and methods used to teach me what I've learned in such a short time._
-Sincere thanks,
M. Carpenter
From Failure To Honor Student
After High School, I enrolled my son in college, full time. He decided to moved out and also to stop his education before finishing his first semester.
After 2 years of manual labor and unable to find a job anymore, he came back home. My first priority has always been education for my children so, when he told me he's stopped going to school, I dragged him, immediately, to the same community college to find out what to do next. School told me he was on probation, for failure to drop or continue his 4 classes.
I gave him an ultimatum, he either had to catch up or he is out. He went for the first option, he found the Khan Academy and studied Algebra for one month, he went to college for his test, he passed with an A and was ready for Trigonometry. After 2 and a half years, he just graduated as an honor student, with his Associate in Science and ready to go for his Bachelor in Computer Science. He watches every day this site, any subject he wants to.
I am a proud and thankful mom.