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Shelby Harris' classroom in Kuna (7th grade)

(bus driving) (cow moo-ing) Children: ... to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. Shelby: There's so much push for technology especially in Idaho right now and I was so nervous that it was going to be about pushing the teacher out of the way and bring in the computers in and I'm now useless, I'm now a babysitter, I'm now a facilitator and no longer a teacher. Brooke: I used to not like math at all because I had dyslexia, so it was hard for me. Mickey: I didn't really like math before. Ben: Before we had Khan I would wake up in the morning and dread school, I didn't want to go and do worksheets all day, but after Khan I have woken up and I still feel like that about my other classes, but I'm like, "At least I get to go to math today." Shelby: It's been powerful. I thought that it would distance me from the kids. I thought that the kids would sit at the computers, I would not have as much interaction and I was worried that there would be this distancing. It's been completely the opposite. Brooke: Now with Khan academy I can use the videos and the hints, and especially Mrs. Harris' because she's still our teacher. Shelby: I teach better now than I have in 13 years. I get so much more personal time with the kids. I get to teach them what they need, when they need it. ... of those, does it matter? No, right, because as long as you reduce it correctly at the end you're going to be in good shape. Mickey: Instead of having to wait to get your answer to see if it's right or not, instead of having to do 20, 30 problems and getting them all wrong ... Shelby: They think they're doing it right and they feel great about it and then they come to correct it in class and it's all wrong and they had no idea. On Khan, when they do one problem they find out immediately if they got it right or got it wrong. If they got it wrong they're able to click through the solution steps and find out exactly where their error was so they know how to fix it better the next time and I don't have to sit there and do that with them, I can be teaching and I've got my group going and that kid is able to solve their problem at their seat. If they can't then they come talk to me, but there are so many resources between their peers and the different pieces and parts of Khan academy that they're able to do powerful learning on their own. I'm there to support them when that doesn't work or to teach them ahead of time. Brooke: Because I didn't used to be very good and now I'm teaching people how to do it. Ben: [unintelligible] teach you one thing that you know and you don't know another thing and maybe they know it, so you guys can- Dylan: It's kind of like you're the teach and you're the student at the same time. Ben: Yeah. Mickey: It's just better. Shelby: I would invite people in. I would say if you don't believe me come watch and come see the power in this classroom and see the social connections and the bonding and the intense learning that happens every single day and how great these kids feel about themselves every day. (light music playing)